Collection Name& status*
US Mint Proof Sets current
Lincoln Cents current
American Eagle Silver Proofs current
Metals of the Presidents current
Buffalo Nickels complete
Small Note Two Dollar Bill Styles complete
States Quarters complete
America in Space Metals complete
National Parks Quarters current
Susan B. Anthony Dollars complete
Eisenhower "Ike" Dollars complete
Jefferson Nickels current
Roosevelt Dimes current
Franklin Half Dollars complete
Standing Liberty Quarters complete
Indian Head Pennies complete
Flying Eagle Cents complete
Mercury Dimes complete
Peace Dollars complete
Liberty Head Nickels complete
Shield Nickels complete
Washington Quarters complete
Walking Liberty Half Dollars complete
Two Cent Pieces complete
Kennedy Half Dollars current
Sacagawea/Native American Dollars current
Three Cent Nickels complete
Presidential Dollars complete
Barber/Liberty Head Dimes complete
Barber/Liberty Head Half Dollars complete
Barber/Liberty Head Quarters complete
Twenty Cent Slabbed Pieces complete
US Mint Marks Slabbed Set complete
Morgan Silver Dollars complete
Denomination Slabbed Set complete
Large Cents complete
Indian Head Gold Slabbed Quarter Eagles missing 11
American Innovation Dollars current

&List sorted in order of when personal collection began.
*Select row for missing/upgrade items (or speciality set) details.

Note, collections showing a status of "current" may have as-of-yet unreleased items in the series.